Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8.6.12 Pimpkillah I

PIMPKILLAH, first blog entry. 

We're just getting off the ground running. Writing and conceptualizing Pimpkillah the comic series and releasing my first mini comic at the beginning of September. Though I'm new to the comic medium, I am not new to storytelling. And my artist collaborator Christina Mirani creates beautiful, unique work, and is no new kid on the block either. We've been good friends since middle school in small town USA. We've both venture out here to the west coast. I reside in Los Angeles and Mirani respectively in San Francisco. We've been brainstorming about creating Pimpkillah into a comic book series now for at least a year. I wrote Pimpkillah as a screenplay two years ago. Pimpkillah is my passion project, my baby. But I don't have the money or the time to make it into the feature length grindhouse thriller noir action movie I want it to be, not yet at least. So I decided it would be a kick-ass comic series. Sloane Stone must come alive!
Right now I have the first issue of Pimpkillah written, and am still continuing writing. Mirani is working her magic on sketches in preparation for Pimpkillah I. Since I knew absolutely nothing about creating comics prior to this past April, I had to practice with something. I'm in the last stage of completing my mini comic, Naomi B.D.: A Prequel to Pimpkillah. Only ten pages long and in black and white. We will be debuting some pre-Pimpkillah fun and Naomi B.D: A Prequel to Pimpkillah at SF Zinefest September 1 and 2nd in Golden Gate Park. Admission is free, so you should come check us out along with many others!


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