Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zinefest Experience

So I suppose it's a little late to be blogging about Zinefest that happened three weeks ago BUT I think Pimpkillah's first debut is special and something to be remembered/documented. My wonderful friend and artist Christina Mirani told me about SF Zinefest about a month before it was actually going on. She convinced me that we could get our books together in time to debut them. So we accepted the challenge. I would complete Naomi: Prequel to Pimpkillah and she would complete Introduction to Pimpkillah: The Protector. Sharing a table at zinefest was exciting and nervewracking all at once. Well, I guess preparing for Zinefest was nervewracking. Same day printing was stressful. When all was said and done and we finally got there it was a mecca of people just like me, it was an overwhelming but thrilling sensation. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Would people line up to see my comic books? Would anyone at all even stop by to flip through one? I only knew one thing prior to displaying my books to the public: I would not sell many, if any. And I didn't. But the best part about zinefest is trading. I met so many wonderful writers and artists through talking with them and trading zines. Hearing some zinefest veteran's stories and experiences with making their comics and which conventions they've gone to was definitely an inspiration. I knew this was the only the beginning of zinefests and comic conventions.

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